Furniture Restoration

Furniture can bring back an abundance of fond memories. Each time you sit in your grandmother’s old chair you’re reminded of her stories. Every time you see that footstool where your grandfather used to rest his feet you recall watching classic movies with him. Memories endure effortlessly, but unfortunately, furniture does not do so as easily.

Preventing Memories From Fading

Our antique furniture restoration craftsmanship expertly renews your treasured pieces ensuring they are better than new.

We undertake special conservation work to carefully restore beloved antique furniture to its original condition, lovingly retaining its character and charm. Everything is meticulously hand-finished using traditional upholstery techniques.

Our Antique Furniture Restoration Services Include (But Are Not Limited to):

Revive your cherished pieces with our professional heritage upholstery and antique furniture restoration service. Contact us to find out more.